• Chemical & Petrochemical

    Lethal Media. Viscous sludge. Corrosive media. Toxic emissions. A rugged industry that demands absolute reliability, repeatability and safety. Our metal seated ball valves for severe service should be your first choice.

  • Oil & Gas

    Subsea to Pipeline
    In oil & gas production
    high cycles, high temperatures, heavy solids
    and high pressure are eveyday extreme conditions for valves in this field.

  • Refining

    Refining is a hot, dangerous industry.
    Attention to detail is paramount.

  • LNG/ Cryogenic

    Cornerstone Valve has solutions for your most extreme LNG/Cryogenic challenges:

  • Mining

    Mining, an industry faced with constant abrasion, corrosion, and erosion issues. The result: valves are decimated on a weekly basis. Business efficiency demands valves that can outlast the rugged conditions. Cornerstone has metal seated ball valves for these and other severe applications.

  • Power Generation

    A monumental operation.
    Leaky valves equate to loss of energy and loss of money. Replacing a valve is most often more costly than the valve itself.

Cornerstone 2015

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Cornerstone Valve (CV) is a USA manufacturer headquartered in Stafford, TX. With our streamlined engineering and manufacturing process we are positioned to provide custom engineered valve solutions for your application; usually with a shorter delivery than our competitors. CV produces soft and metal seated ball valves from ANSI 150 to API 10K/ANSI 4500 and metal seated ball valves to API 20K+. Since 1990 Cornerstone Valve has provided global leaders with flow control solutions in high pressure, erosive slurry and high/low temperature applications. Providing valves to the oil and gas industry, chemical and refining industry, sub-sea, power, nuclear and many other industries, our clients require quick turn around. Our conservative robust valve configurations and exacting engineering and manufacturing methods will provide you with the safest, most reliable valves on the market.
Bottom line: Our valves just work.”
– Brian Caprera, VP of Engineering